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Creating a Collaborative Commerce Platform

Boop was an idea for a creative and collaborative commerce platform, aimed at selling user designed fashion and clothing, through a vote up/down system, and built off the back of user generated product. The designs here show initial branding and mocks.

Boop Homepage concept

These mocks show a fatal flaw in the collaborative commerce platform being developed here in that the creative has a very strong and individual visual identity, such so that the products would look out of place if they did not fit in with the site aesthetic. Maybe that would draw a certain type of designer to the site, but the more key requirment here seems rather that it should be to show off the product to the best of its potential, and allow for any type of design and creative to stand out against a gallery backdrop.

Boop Listing concept

The product page design here is clearly designed around simplicity and ease of use, and although the execution is not entirely there (as this mock demonstrates), the importance of that simplicity is paramount. The fact that a collaborative ecommerce platform has by nature a more complex proposition, simply means that the barrier to entry has to remain as low as possible, and the site to be as easy to use as possible.

Boop Product concept

Whilst not an entirely fully thought through concept, and certainly not a project that had any more legs after the initial creative mocks, it is a project that definitely looks to the future of ecommerce as a more collaborative and creative experience for users. One where they can not only choose every detail of their product, but also contribute to those product designs, use it as part of a small business, and also contribute to more of a sharing economy.

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