the wonderful life of chris & ash

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Comic & CMS Front End

'The Wonderful Life of Chris & Ash' is a comic based around the fictitional antics of two character called Chris & Ash. Strangely they also happen to have the same names as both myself and a very close friend of mine, but there's definitely no correlation there at all... promise.

I wrote the comic up to it's 100th episode and for that occasion put together this image to celebrate, depicted all the character variations so far!

Chris & Ash 100th Episode

For the execution of this web comic it meant finding a suitable CMS and then working in the front end to change the layout of the site to my requirements. Some of the comic strips can be found below, or simply visit the site!


Working on projects like this on a regular basis is always great as it really forces you to think on the spot, and come up with ideas on the fly. It's ESPECIALLY challenging when you also have to try and be funny, but the excitement of that challenge, and tough deadline, is always more motivating than terrifying!

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