fracture recordings

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Brand Management, Identity and Artworking

Fracture Recordings is an indie House and Techno label based in London. I met the owner through music production and soundcloud and eventually it became apparent that they would benefit from both a brand identity, and a unique and signature artwork style that was individual and different from anything else in the industry. To that end we both worked together to create and identity and visual style to represent the label, brand and music they release.

Fracture Identity

Releases, Compilations and Free Downloads

One of the unique problems associated with this project was that for each individual series of release styles (standard release, compilation and free download), they needed an individually recognisable style, but also had to fit in with the visual ecosystem of the label. To solve this I created 3 templates to represent each release style, and used elements of the visual identity to tie them all together.

Releases Free Releases Compilations

The brand identity revolves around gradients and black and white photography and illustration. The 'f' logomark is used across all artwork to represent the brand of Fracture.

Fracture Poster

Alongside both branding and artworking for releases, online presence and soundcloud, various one off posters were created for events, the most recent of which was their second birthday party at the Magic Roundabout in Old Street.

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