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Making it Easy to Dress Well

This brief for this project was to create 3 how to videos for Charles Tyrwhitt, 'How to tie a bow tie', 'How to measure for a shirt', and 'How to tie a four in hand knot'. The project involved video shoot directing, creative direction, video editing and storyboarding, as well as working with a production agency to put together the final pieces.

How to tie a four in hand knot

The project presented challenges in that a lot of this content has already been done well on youtube and other platforms, so how do these videos stand apart from the comeptition. One of those ways is through the unique tone of voice of Charles Tyrwhitt, and the second is through showing alternate angles and methods that other videos do not. The video that does this the best is the 'How to tie a bow tie' video, as this is a common point of struggle for many gents dressing for black tie events.

To that end, we made sure that we showed the side shot as the bow tie is being tucked in and pulled through itself. This is the one shot that most videos miss, and the one area that is the most confusing when showing how to tie a bow tie. Hopefully we have solved that problem with our video.

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