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Creating a Personal Style

Illustration was something that I worked on a lot during University and continued as freelance afterwards. The most important thing throughout my freelance work was creating a style that was individual and recognisable and I think to some part I succeeded in that. Below is a piece I did for Ride Snowboards, and one that was on show at theEvo Gallery in Seattle during February 2011.

Ride Snowboards

My illustration style mostly was based around line art, and the supernatural and monsters. I took most inspiration from old horror illustrations, and the early illustration style of Santa Cruz skateboards, and Jim Phillips. A lot of pieces involve tentacles for some reason.


This piece was really the first that I worked on in this style, and was designed to showcase the intricacy of the lineart as much as possible. This piece started my development of this style into the pieces you see above, and really encapsulates the essence of my own style.

Although Illustration is something that I have not continued doing as a freelancer, it is still something that has helped me as a professional in many ways. It helped shape my understanding of developing unique and personal style, and it is always useful when sketching out ideas and concepts for other projects.

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