the perfect week

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Cross Channel Campaign Identity

The Perfect Week was a primarily email focused campaign run at Charles Tyrwhitt. The concept was a week of perfect products, and each day of the week, a different product is explained and talked about in a way that conveys why it is 'perfect'. The perfect products selected were bestsellers and across a range of categories as shown below. The campaign also ran across web, and social.

Perfect Week Day 1
Perfect Week Day 2
Perfect Week Day 3
Perfect Week End

The main challenge with this project was to create a campaign identity that felt unique and individual, yet still fit in with the Charles Tyrwhitt brand. We captured the unique qualities of the products through more luxury photography, shot on coloured backgrounds that were individual to each product, so that the colour was different each day. We also added gold icons to represent the product qualities, and used the brand fonts and typography in a slightly different way to usual.

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