the qualities of a well dressed man

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A Truly Cross-Channel Campaign

'The Qualities of a Well Dressed Man' is the first fully cross-channel marketing campaign for Charles Tyrwhitt, and is a concept that incorporates the use of email, print, social, editorial and shoppable content. This campaign was designed with a view to explaining the key qualities that every well dressed man possesses. The struggle with the design came in the form of tying those qualities into key product within the Charles Tyrwhitt ranges, and making sure that this worked from a marketing standpoint and wasn't to abstract or ambiguous for the customer to understand.

Qualities Intro

It’s really that when a game has so many tokens, cards, wooden pieces and random other bits of plastic, wooden and cardboard guff, that it just LOOKS really bloody confusing. And that’s a problem for the uninitiated…

Cross Channel

Once again, as per the 'Pefect Week' campaign, we put together something that was unique in itself, but still fit in with the Charles Tyrwhitt visual identity. The campaign features its own identity and own colour scheme, and is focused around outfitting and key quotes. A different quote or 'quality' was used for each day, pushing customers not only to key product ranges, but outfits associated with them.

Qualities Content

Although the project was not without it's hiccups; there were some issues with the message being communicated differently over print compared to the digital campaign, and the actual views for the editorial pieces on site were not significant compared to the amount of traffic going through the main site, the campaign as a creative exercise and as a concept was an overall success.

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