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Designing a Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness App

Zaggora Challenges was an app that was designed to combine fitness, wellbeing and nutrition in an easy to follow plan that spans either 4, 8 or 12 weeks depending on the level you select. The scope for this project was incredibly broad as it combines essentially 3 ideas in one. In hindsight perhaps this was far too broad, although funding for the project ran out before we could see it through to completion.

Despite this, the process was still incredibly valuable and educational. Essentially aimed at gamifying 3 key areas of health, the project was an interesting exercise of rationalising a huge amount of information, and distilling it down into a form that a user could very easily understand.

Whiteboard stuff

The project started with looking at the user flow, laying out all of the information, and figuring out at what point that needed to be surfaced to the user. The navigation around each day and through each of the 3 sections was key to the success of this app design.

UX chart

From the user flow we moved onto putting together initial mocks and a visual style for the app. This drew a lot from the Zaggora brand guidelines and website whilst also very much simplifying the user interface.

Initial mocks
Final mocks

Despie the project not being able to be seen through to completion we learnt a lot from this process. Primarily to make sure the scope is realistic and to focus on doing 1 thing incredibly well rather than fitting as much content as possible into a product. It also taught me valuable lessons on user flow and UX, and also desiging product for already established brands.

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